These days, it’s been a very essential era for all the teachers and students around the world due to the Covid 19 situation.  To learn, to teach from home has been a very difficult task these days. Most of the teachers use Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other similar platforms to teach everyone online. But It’s not easy for all to teach live especially for countries with a low-level bandwidth internet connection. (Even teachers have good connection, student may not have a better connection to watch their steps live).

Anyway, YouTube is a great platform to do all the live session and share them among a global audience in seconds. Zoom also has a recording feature. But YouTube has its own way to live sessions and push them to the public view.

Anyways, this attempt is to teach you how to create a YouTube Channel successfully for publishing some videos about your subject, making your online presence and doing some live events.  Remember, this tutorial will be only focused on making your account and doing some basic changes. Soon, I will bring more tutorials about how to make your channel and videos perfect.

All right then, let’s begin. The only prerequisite to starting a YouTube channel is to have a Gmail ID or a Google Account. If you don’t have one, you can create one using this link and clicking on Create Account link there. It’s not much that hard to make a Gmail account by giving your known details. In addition, you will have to give a good matching username and strong password with more than 8 characters.

Then, to create tour first or any youtube channel, just head over to the Youtube Official Website using this link. Then, you will see a sign-in button on the top right corner. Click on the sign-in button and enter your google account credentials (Gmail username and password) and you will see a page with your name on the right corner. Just click the letter circle (letter will be the first letter of your first name) and you have to click on ‘Create a Channel’ link on the dropdown. Don’t worry about any other options.

Then you will get a ‘Get Started’ or similar button to start your Youtube Channel creation journey. Be sure to give correct details, because changing details won’t be a great idea in future after getting a few subscribers, views and likes for your channel. Just read all the things carefully and make it cool. Anyways, I suggest you go with a custom name rather than going with your google account’s name. Google account will be linked, it doesn’t mean you have to use the same name there.

After updating your channel’s name, you will have to upload a Profile Picture. Use a nice looking profile picture with your logo, face or anything which represents your channel name. Just think it like a brand.

After all, YouTube will ask you a description. It’s so important to tell your viewers about your channel. Make the channel more keywords focused and it will SEO your channel later. Keyword focused means, think about the purpose of your channel and always try to give some special words on the description. It will lead a few viewers to your channel when Youtube recommends videos and channels. Everything has competition. Just face it.

After that, you can give some links which are related to your youtube channel such as your website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

After all, your channel is ready to make public. Remember to add a nice looking cover photo for your channel later for sure. Because it will give your channel a great look. In addition, it will better if you can change some setting with a cog icon in the right corner and it will organize your videos and playlists as you wish. Just let us know if you got any issue, while you are making a channel. We are really happy to help you with our support.

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